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Modern online warehouse management software. Improve performance & process time Better organize your warehouse with the smart double-entry inventory system. Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations. WeData double-entry inventory has no stock input, output or transformation. Instead, all operations are stock moves between locations.

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Advanced features made simple

Items and Inventory

Create, Edit, Update, Transacte, Delete and Report the Items and its inventory at one place. With Inventory management you can get most selling and stagnant items and get them to do more business with most selling items. You can Create items and inventory from the New->Item | Service button. The Inventory Inquiry will helps you to know Items List Standard Cost Item Tax type Stock Balance Unit


Items and Services are similar to perform sales and purchses, Whereas the only difference is to have physical availability of the goods are called inventory, If thats not available, than its service. With Services, There is no Transactions and Status to know the movement and availability. Service will be available till you wanted to serve the customers with it. Services such as Legal Service Accounting Service Consulting Service Health care Repair and Maintenance Like that many services are there you can use it with our system.

Sales Kits & Virtual Items

Sales Kit and Virutal Items are almost similar in nature, The Sales kit works with multiple items, Whereas the Virtual item works with only one product or service. With sales kit you can put multiple items in a kit and sell it with name, it will be good for offers and combo plans like combine two or more products and services while selling it. The Actually sales and Purchases happening with real product or service. But the during the transaction, we are using the virtual name and kit name.

Inventory Transfers

If you are operating with different inventory locations, you might need to perform the inventory transfers from one to another. With a form you can choose the From and To locations and feed the items and the date of transfer. The system will perform the transfer from source location to the destination location. Inventory Transfer has separate inquiry and listing to see the transfers in detail. Also connects with Batch and expiry date to move the items along with batches and its expiration data

Inventory Adjustments

Adjustment helps you perform the Stock adjustment either it will help you to increase or decrease the quantity of the stock in a particular date. This Adjustment helps during the time of initial stock balance feed. And also inventory Stock Reconcile from the physical stock and system stock. Adjustment helps to feed the stock in a designated location and also with the particular date.

Batch/Serial & Expiry

Batch/Serial & Expiry Import Items and Stock Images and Files Mapped Units Warehouse & Location Reorder Levels Categories Export Items & Services