Kiosk Machine

Kiosk Series was created to provide a family of standardized enclosures that can be easily adapted to accommodate a wide variety of transactional components, thereby serving multiple vertical market applications. Recognizing that each kiosk deployment has somewhat unique transaction requirements, KIOSK has embraced a modular design approach to marry component customization capability with standard model designs and metals. The Expanse kiosk is built in three sizes with incremental cabinet room to house an entry-level, mid-level, or very complex component set.

The flexibility offered resolves many common customization needs, including display size / orientation preference, and the ability to accommodate more than one component set within a deployment. Pairing clean and modern design options across multiple use cases reduces custom engineering fees and speeds up time to market. Small adjustments can easily be enacted without designing a custom enclosure entirely from scratch.




Duration project: 2 Month

Client: Sweet Themes


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